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College of Automotive Engineering Signs a Memorandum on Research Cooperation of Industry and Education with Industrial Promotion Organization from Tottori, Japan

Time:2020-11-24   Views:

On 17 November, the College of Automotive Engineering and the Industrial Promotion Organization from Tottori Japan signed the “Jilin -Tottori ADASEV Memorandum Promoting Entrepreneurship Project”, facilitated by the Department of Commerce of Jilin Province. The memo aimed at promoting the “Cooperation Memorandum between Jilin Province and Tottori Prefecture” signed by the People’s Government of Jilin Province in October 2018 on exchanging young teachers and students to each other’s schools and enterprises for training and internships

At the signing ceremony, Wang Zhiwei, Director of the Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, and Endo Toshiki, Supervisor of Economic and Industrial Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor of Tottori Prefecture, Japan delivered speeches. They spoke highly of the work done by the College of Automotive Engineering in the process of project promotion and expressed sincere gratitude to 21 companies including parts companies and new energy companies that provided training cooperation for Tottori Prefecture’s industrial revitalization institutions. Dean Gao Zhenhai and Chairman Okamura Seiji of Tottori Industrial Promotion Organization signed the “TDX Memorandum on Promoting Project Cooperation by Entrepreneurship” on behalf of both parties. The signing ceremony has attracted the attention and publicity of many media in Japan and Jilin Province.

After signing, the two parties will carry out Industry-Education-Research cooperation around smart electric vehicles, jointly tackle the key common technology problems of smart mobile and shared travel services for ultra-small electric vehicles in urban blocks, and will carry out field tests and demonstration operations in Tottori Prefecture. Outstanding undergraduates, postgraduates, and young teachers from the College will visit Japan to develop the project, which is a new measure for the College to explore the construction of overseas practice bases for students and promote high-level international academic exchanges.