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The 24th China Conference of Automotive Safety Technology Successfully Held

Time:2021-11-10   Views:

The 24th China Conference of Automotive Safety Technology was held at Nanhu Hotel, Changchun from 27 to 29 October, 2021, with the Automotive Safety Technology Committee of the China Society of Automotive Engineers as the host, and Jilin University (JLU), China FAW Group, the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control, and the State Key Laboratory of Comprehensive Technology on Automobile Vibration and Noise & Safety Control as co-organizers.

The team of Prof. Wang Dengfeng of the College of Automotive Engineering (CAE) of Jilin University, Vice Chairman of the Automotive Safety Technology Committee of the China Society of Automotive Engineers, took the lead in holding the conference. With themes of safety, low carbon, intelligence, and integration, the conference was attended by over 300 guests, including well-known scholars, experts, and businessmen in the automotive safety technology industry at home and abroad. They had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the latest development of research and application of automotive safety technology worldwide, shared innovative academic achievements in automotive safety technology, and jointly came up with the long-run plan for the automotive safety sector.

Prof. Wang Dengfeng presided over the conference. Prof. Zhang Jinhuan of Tsinghua University, Secretary General of the Automotive Safety Technology Committee of the China Society of Automotive Engineers, Prof. Gao Zhenhai, Dean of CAE, Jilin University, and Mr. Ma Yan, Vice President of FAW R&D Institute, addressed the conference. In the report, Prof. Gao Zhenhai comprehensively analyzed the latest research development of international automotive safety and introduced the progress of JLU’s research on automotive intelligent active and passive safety. Prof. Wang Dengfeng gave a presentation on multi-scale parametrization and crashworthiness optimization design of CFRP cabin for electric vehicles with a new architecture. Besides, theme speeches were given by other experts and scholars from universities and enterprises such as Tongji University, FAW R&D Institute, FAW-VOLKSWAGEN, Autoliv, CAERI, SAIC, CHERY, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, FAW Intelligent Connection Institute, Hunan University, National Motor Vehicle (Shanghai) Quality Testing Center. The conference set three sessions for passive safety and passenger protection, safety evaluation and intelligent safety, structural crashworthiness and lightweight, respectively. Over 20 experts and scholars made invited reports and presented excellent papers. Four professors of CAE made invited reports. Specifically, Prof. Zhu Bing, Deputy Dean of CAE, systematically introduced intelligent safety evaluation methods for self-driving cars, Prof. Song Xuewei introduced the method of improving the bionic degree of neck finite element modeling based on ligament relaxation optimization, Prof. Zhang Junyuan introduced the research on automobile crash lightweight materials and structural energy absorption, and Prof. Chen Xin introduced conceptual design methods of electric vehicle load-bearing aluminum alloy body structure based on crash safety. Two postgraduate students gave presentations on their papers. Gong Yingying introduced the conceptual design method of steel-aluminum hybrid car body for small electric vehicles, and Xu Sen introduced the structural optimization design method of carbon fiber composite front anti-crash beam considering the compatibility of layers. 17 automobile and auto parts enterprises sponsored the conference and actively displayed their lasted technological products.


(Dean Gao Zhenhai giving a report at the conference)



(Prof. Wang Dengfeng giving a report at the conference)

Since its inception in 1998, the China Conference of Automotive Safety Technology has been successfully held 24 times with the mission of “conforming to the reality of engineering, improving automotive safety technology, and promoting the advancement of the automobile industry”. It now has become an important exchange platform for automobile enterprises, auto parts enterprises, and research institutes at home and abroad in the field of automotive safety technology.