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CAE Has In-depth Cooperation and Exchanges with Huawei

Time:2023-03-13   Views:

On 9 March, 2023, the College of Automotive Engineering (CAE) held the pre-communication meeting for the completion of JLU-Huawei Intelligent Base 1.0 in 2023. The attendees included Huang Zhonghua, Secretary of the CPC Committee of CAE, Hu Xingjun, Deputy Dean of CAE, Hu Hongyu, Assistant Director of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control, Wang Da, the advisor of the student racing team, relevant teachers of CAE, and core members of the student racing team, along with Lin Guixiao, Vice President of Huawei Ascend Computing. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Dean Hu Xingjun.

At the beginning, Secretary Huang Zhonghua introduced the history of Jilin University’s automotive discipline, especially the college’s discipline development and research directions. In response to the latest trend of “New Four Modernizations” development in the current automotive industry, he expressed his hope for further all-around cooperation with Huawei Ascend, such as in intelligentization, digitalization, and many other areas.

Deputy Dean Hu Xingjun introduced the college’s student cultivation in recent years, saying that Jilin University’s automotive discipline has been committed to building an industry-education-research collaboration talent training platform and exploring cross-disciplinary talent cultivation models. Through years of practice, good results have been achieved in student cultivation. He hoped that the college and Huawei would jointly build a platform for training talents in advanced automotive technology.

Wang Da introduced the overall situation of the student racing team and its achievements in recent years. Zhang Hanying, the captain of the unmanned vehicle team, introduced competitions and core technologies of the Jizhi unmanned vehicle team.

Lin Guixiao, Vice President of Huawei Ascend Computing, expressed his recognition of Jilin University’s automotive talent cultivation and research innovation. He also introduced Ascend AI products and their applications in intelligent manufacturing. He hoped that further cooperation with Jilin University’s automotive discipline could enhance the integration of industry, teaching, learning, research and application, support talent cultivation, and achieve innovation in “automobile+AI” research.

Subsequently, the attendees discussed the applications of Ascend AI products in intelligent driving and intelligent transportation systems. Then, they visited the five major racing teams of Jilin University. Through extensive exchanges, both parties deepened their understanding of each other, explored areas of potential cooperation, and further clarified the direction of future collaboration.